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Desktop Cooling & Heating Engine

Cooling and heating are significant stress factors for electronics optics and other lab and industrial devices. The ususal stress test engines provide high speed of cooling and heating and wide range of temperatures. On the other site thay are huge as dimensions, heavy as weight and complicated to handle. 
Our device provide a handy way of executing similar test procedures in a desktop package.
Main charachteristics:
  • Internal dimensions: 400x280x80 mm
  • External dimensions: 600x320x250 mm
  • Minimal temperature at non operational tested devices: -10 DEG C
  • Maximal temperature at non operational tested devices: +80 DEG C
  • Speed of cooling - empty box - 1 DEG C / min
  • Speed of heating - empty box - 3 DEG C / min
  • Cooling mode - air cooling
  • Posibility of enclosing cabling for the device in the box
  • Direct (PC independent) control of cooling or heating
  • Programable cooling heating cycles
  • Programable behaviour trough USB interface with PC application
  • Two inbox temperature sensors with fixed or flexible positioning
  • Build in PID controller for precise temperature adjustment
  • Peltier based core: 800W
  • Power consumption : <1.2kW
  • Option for water cooling for high efficiency

All published above values are at ambient temperature 20 DEG C
Parameters of products may change without special warnings on this page

Price: 2899.00 EUR
Warantee 1 yaer