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Vibration Tool for Mechanics, Electronics and Optics testing

In case of electrononics development a fundamental problem is the stability of produced boards. Sometimes the problems are related to component assembly - the worst quality case. Usualy the isue is related to connectors. In any case a development company needs to know what is the quality of their assembly. Similar problems araises with optical and mechanical systems in industrial environments. It is crucial in all this cases to test that system parameters does not change during operation.

For these purposes we developped testing tool which allows testing of a complete system against vibration.

The tool is based on vibration in x/y plane using a standard vibration device. In addition to vibratioin the tool provides measurement of acceleration in 3D. Loopback by external software is an optional possibility.

  • A standard mounting plate allows usual attachments of devices
  • Separate plate is provided for customer adjustments of mounting
  • Heavy construction for absobtion of vibration propagation within premisses
  • USB measurement of acceleration
  • Optional feedback for programamble behaveour of vibration tests
  • Load: 3kg - balanced over the mounting plate
  • Vibration frequency 3Hz - 30Hz
  • Deviation durring vibration 5mm
Price: 599 EUR + Shipping