We make things happen


BSS ltd is a Software development company. It is established in 2005 as ancestor of NTS (established 1997) with same owner and management stuff. Our main business is services for outsourcing of software and hardware development for our customers - mainly in Austria.

All of our developments was customer centric following a consulting approach:


Feasibility Studies

Feasibility of an idea is important for the success of a project. A reasonably defined questions to be checked with adequate prototype would provide much better base for estimation and planning of the project which will deliver a success of the complete project.

Requirements Capture

If you need support on defining in Software terms your business model without extended discussions and troubles on your site we would talk with You, Your managers and Your employs up to the lowest level to identify and understand what can be optimized in your model by use of additional customized software. The result of this phase is a Requirements Specification which you can discuss and decide if we missed some part which is interesting and important for You.

Business Analysis

BSS business analyzers can then skillfully identify the real needs of the project. We can then draw up and agree a detailed list of requirements and system functions before any design work is carried out.


System Architecture

BSS believes in structuring the best solutions for you. If the structure is sound then building the solution will be straightforward and at low risk.

Getting the best solution structure means being able to interpret the business analysis and translate it into hardware and software decisions.


All software modules are tested against the solution structure to show that they are not only error free but also fit well with the system structure. Finally, in order to ensure that the solution meets your original requirements the final software is tested against the original business analysis.

This style of quality control can be represented as a V-shaped diagram, shown above. Using this methodology means that the final test criteria is known well in advance of the testing itself, which saves time and money.


BSS does not forget about You after completing the software. We make sure that all appropriate documentation is complete, all staff is trained with new systems and therefore all the correct support procedures are in place.

We also ensure that all training has been completed where necessary.

Although our solutions are robust and flexible enough to last into the future, we understand that business priorities change fast and that further support and enhancements may be needed.


After sucessfull development and deployment still there is an open issue - the maintenance. Importance of maintenance is evident for companies which have operated complex systems. In maintenance we provide personal contact which is qualified to promote fast solution of the arising problems.