Below is a List of selected projects describing our competences

Test Review - VKI

Application for implementation and rank calculation for different products subject of comparison. The application implements calculation of ranks based on multiple criteria - weight of a parameter, functions to convert values to quality, draw ranges and analyses results after comparison and many more. The application is written in Delphi and provide multiple outputs for different systems - web based presentations, professional editorial systems, different reports etc.

REX - Global Blue

Refund and exchange application for Global Blue. Financial system for VAT refund of tourists based on exported goods.

GRIPS - Global Blue

Global refund issuing system. System for issuing cheques to tourist buying goods used later in REX system fro refund after export.

Telecom test engine - Austria Telecom - system for testing network connections and lines. The system operate simultaneously with 40-50 operators to make different tests on

Stereocamera for robot vision and measurements.

iCAM - Triangulation camera for IGM/KDS welding robots vision.