Scheduler Engine - Workflow engine for foreground and bacground tasks written in Java.

      • The engine allow configured sequences of functions to be executed. Functions can be

      • The execution is triggered by time schedule, file appearance, DB flag change, SOAP calls

                  • Seam tracking Laser camera for Welding RobotThe camera is using triangulation principle and Sheimpflug optics to wach a surface during welding.

                  • It provides several measurement data like "tracking point", "volume" "gap", "mismatch" and other custemer defined distances and angles.

                  • The camera supports all standard joints used in welding industry.

                  • It operates with 640nm laser line.

                  • Precision of measurement is below 0.1mm.

                  • The camera is developped with the collaboration of University of Sofia

Device for automatic measurement of non equilibrium contact angles.Desktop cooling/heating engine for programmable testing of electronic devices.

    • The device is compact and can be setup in a small place.

    • It uses powerfull peltier elements (800W) for cooling and heating and fan or water cooling for exporting the heat outside of the device.

    • Typical usage - testing of electronic devices for thermal loop tests in the range of up to -10oC to +70oC

    • Tests can be managed with USB connection from a PC or directly using the built in interface.

Vibration tool for electronic device testing

Vibration tests are important for optical and mechanical devices as well as for electronics. Vibration at different frequencies can proove stability of produced systems and provide high quality on the output of production.

Our device provides possibility of testing vibrations in 2D with frequency of 3Hz to 30Hz at displacement of 5mm. During testing it is possible to measure the accelartions in 3D and adjust the vibration accordingly.

Set of exercises for measurement physical practicum - metrology practicum at University of Sofia

  • Measurement of electric ligthning devices - comparison classic bulb, High efficient Hg bulb, Halogen bulb, LED based bulb.

  • Measurement of efficiency of a servo motor.

  • Callibration of pH electrod.

                  • Six degree of freedom Stage for optical microscopy - laboratory hexapod metrologyThe device is a laboratory stage for optical and microscopy metrology applications.

                  • It is a standard stewart platform with small dimentions.

                  • Control is done with serial port or USB as option directly from a PC.

                  • Software is provided on the PC (Windows or Linux) to control the Hexapod motion.

                  • Different applications has been provided and tested during development.