Development Languages

    • C/C++ (Projects: IGM/KDS Camera, Stereo Camera, GRIPS-POS version)

      • Soap, Objective-C, CUnit, C++ (both C++03 and C++11)

      • Libraries

        • Boost libraries (actively working with Accumulators, Algorithm, Asio,

        • Circular Buffer, Endian, Filesystem, Geometry, Interprocess, Optional,

        • Program Options, Property Tree, Test)

        • spdlog logging library

        • ALGLIB numerical analysis and data processing library

        • libusb

        • ENet UDP communication library

      • Unit test frameworks

        • Catch, Boost.Test

    • C#/Java (Projects: REX/REX WEB, GRIPS Standalone/GRIPS WEB)

    • Python (Projects: Telecom Test engine, IGM/KDS Camera )

    • PHP (Projects: VKI Test review)

    • Delphi (Projects: VKI Test review, GRS)

    • ASP/ASPX (Projects: GRIPS WEB, VKI Test review )

    • Ajax (Projects: GRIPS WEB, REX WEB)

Supported Database

    • Oracle (Projects: REX/REX WEB, GRIPS, Scheduler)

    • MSSQL (Projects: REX, GRIPS WEB, Scheduler)

    • Postgres SQL (Projects: REX Standalone, GRIPS Standalone, Scheduler)

    • MySQL (Projects: VKI Test review)

Frameworks in use with our projects

    • Teleric RAD development tools for C# (Projects: GRIPS WEB)

    • ICE Faces Java (Projects: Telecom test engine)

    • Canoo RIA suite Java (Projects: REX WEB)

Libraries of intensive use

    • Numerical Recipes - C/C++/Java/Delphi

    • boost - C++

    • Video 4 Linux - C++

    • Open GL - Java / C++

Reporting Servers

    • MS Reporting service (Projects: GRIPS WEB, VKI Test review)

    • Pentaho reporter (former jFREE) (Projects: REX Standalone)

    • BIRT reporting service (from Eclipse) (Projects: GRIPS, REX/REX WEB)

    • jPedal (REX Standalone, Grips Standalone)

Enterprise Servers

    • Tomcat/Apache

    • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

    • JBOSS

Platforms for embedded systems

    • Android development

    • TI DSP Development

    • 8051 Family - uCLAB, Cypress

    • Arm Development

    • POS Terminals

    • Arduino